2022 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: Nelson Hernández

Why did you join the DeepLearning.Ai community as an event ambassador? 

I first attended a Pie & AI event organized by David Quintanilla, an AI ambassador here in San Salvador, and he explained what Deeplearning.AI and Pie & AI are. I liked the idea of becoming an ambassador because I’m a content creator and the role would help me improve the quality of my content. I was also interested because it would help me meet more people around the globe who are passionate about software development. 

What do you do when you’re not organizing events with DeepLearning.AI? 

Currently I make videos for YouTube and I post articles in Dev Community about web development topics, including AI, frontend, backend and devops). I also study English and French at Don Bosco University in El Salvador.

Describe some highlights of your experience as an event ambassador.

It is great to meet other AI enthusiasts. It also helps me understand the field better, learn to socialize, improve my speaking abilities, and grow my network of contacts. Somebody I meet at Pie & AI might recommend me for future projects. Being an ambassador has helped me overcome doubts about my ability to organize, and it feels great to know people around the globe. 

What have you learned/achieved since you joined the DeepLearning.AI community? 

The main value for me is the friendships I have made through sharing what I love. Meeting subject matter experts also feels good, and motivates me to keep growing as a person and software developer.