2022 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: Angelica Chowdhury

Why did you join the DeepLearning.AI community as an event ambassador?

I wanted the Oceania region to be abreast of the latest developments from DeepLearning.AI and make AI knowledge available and easily accessible for the event attendees. Being geographically quite far away from the rest of the world, sometimes it becomes a challenge to keep up to date with the latest developments in AI. I wanted to play a small part in it by connecting AI enthusiasts and specialists from Oceania to the rest of the world.

What do you do when you are not hosting events with DeepLearning.AI?

I am currently a Data Scientist at Commbank.ai, which is the decision science team of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. I also volunteer my time as in various projects in Women in AI and look out to participate in hackathons from time to time. Apart from all these, I like to be outdoors and take every opportunity to go hiking, camping, and snorkeling. I also recently got into skiing.

Describe a few highlights from your event ambassador experience.

I would say the biggest highlight for me always has been the variety of questions coming from the event attendees, and their sheer enthusiasm about AI and its possibilities. I can’t wait to host more events in future and facilitate a space where thought-provoking questions will be asked and answered.

What have you learned/gained since joining the DeepLearning.AI community?

While hosting the events, I have developed my AI knowledge base by having direct exposure to the contents the event speakers have shared during their talk. I consider this a great way of gaining knowledge. Further, being a part of the rich ambassador community and the ability to form friendships with like-minded AI learners across borders are some of the biggest joys I’ve had since being a part of DeepLeaning.AI. I found out the value of DeepLearning.AI as a brand since joining as an ambassador, because to my surprise, a big chunk of attendees to my events have been from continents outside of Oceania. I think this is due to the perception DeepLearning.AI has in each AI enthusiast’s and deep learner’s mind.