2021 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: José Morey & Rose Delilah Gesicho

José Morey

Newport News, USA

José Morey, M.D., is an Eisenhower Fellow, the CEO and founder of Ad Astra Media LLC, and the co-founder of Ever Medical Technology. He is also a health and technology keynote speaker, an author, and a consultant for NASA, Forbes, MIT, the UN World Food Program, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Considered the world’s first “intergalactic doctor,” José has been featured in Forbes, Univision, CNBC, and NASA360.

Why did you become a DeepLearning.AI Event Ambassador?

JM: I joined the DeepLearning.AI community to reach under-served communities and highlight the importance of data science, artificial intelligence, and data equity.

Tell us about your experience as an Event Ambassador for the DeepLearning.AI community.

JM: A few highlights of my event ambassador journey would be getting the opportunity to speak with organizations like NASA, Microsoft, and NVIDIA about AI in our world, with topics ranging from radiology to healthcare and supply chain to the pandemic. The two most memorable events were “The Sse of AI for World Peace” with guest speaker Farzana Yaqoob and AI for Accessibility with Dr. Koul from the NASA Frontier Development Lab and Dr. Lawrence from Microsoft.

What have you learned and gained from this experience?

JM: I’ve learned that the AI community is diverse, growing, and looking to push the boundaries of science for the betterment of all!

You can find José Morey on Linkedin.

Rose Delilah Gesicho

Nairobi, Kenya

Rose is a Data Scientist who works as a Technical Trainer at the Moringa School and a Learning Program Manager at Alliance4ai. She helps create awareness of the importance of emerging technologies in the work environment for future generations in Africa.

Why did you become a DeepLearning.AI Event Ambassador?

RDG: I am passionate about data science; it gives me great joy to help develop society via technological knowledge. I believe that sharing knowledge and being part of a community of like-minded people is essential to growing in the industry. When I learned about the DeepLearning.AI community, I saw an opportunity to meet with people globally and create a pool of knowledge and connections across the data science ecosystem.

Tell us about your experience as an Event Ambassador for the DeepLearning.AI community

RDG: Being part of the community has been a fantastic experience. I particularly enjoyed the sessions where Data Scientist Ayub Odhiambo took us through NLP. We talked about building a retrieval-based chatbot and a time series session from end to end. Another was an event with Lavina Ramkissoon, a board member at r.ai, who talked about the importance of Breaking through AI bias. She spoke about a blend of technical and non-technical emerging topics that can help us leave a mark on our community.

What have you learned and gained from this experience?

RDG: I have grown tremendously since I joined the community. I have met many inspiring speakers I look up to in my journey as a data scientist and connected with people across the world. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to grow my skills by being in a shared space with people with a common interest. The support and recognition given to me as an ambassador made my experience better, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can find Rose Delilah Gesicho on Linkedin.