Become a Events Ambassador

Help bring together the global Al community by representing your city’s deep learners! Our ambassadors are enthusiastic about helping more cities become Al hubs and inspiring your local community to break into Al. Sound like you? Read on for details about the program and apply below.


  • You’re passionate about Al and deep learning
  • You’re currently working in the Al field or looking to transition into an Al career
  • You have experience with organizing at least one tech community group and one event in the past


  • You’re expected to coordinate your event onsite independently.
  • Our ambassadors are volunteers. You’re financially responsible for your event. If you need sponsorship to cover the cost, we recommend you thoroughly vet any potential sponsors to make sure they’re appropriate for the event.
  • You’re expected to host meetups regularly for your group at least once every quarter. A group will be considered inactive if it does not host events for a 6.month period.


  • Course discounts for the attendees.
  • Connections to interested speakers and hosts.
  • Promotion through the website event page, email list and social channels.
  • A greeting video from the team.
  • Ongoing support via email from the team.
  • An actual box of goodies for your meetup. Quantities and types depend on the actual event.
  • If you host more than 10 events within a year, and each event features not less than 50 attendees (online or offline), we’ll feature you as one of our Event Ambassadors of the Year.
  • Ambassadors of the Year on our website and social channels!
  • Ambassadors of the year will receive special perks from us: Details TBD.

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