Dozens of snowmen with different characteristics
Year in Review

This Snowman Does Not Exist: The rise of deepfakes in 2020

While generative adversarial networks were infiltrating cultural, social, and scientific spheres, they quietly transformed the web into a bottomless well of synthetic images of . . . well, you name it.
Two reindeers with masks on a snowy night
Year in Review

Coping With Covid: How AI helped fight Covid-19.

AI accelerated the search for a coronavirus vaccine, detected Covid-19 cases, and otherwise softened the pandemic’s blow. Machine learning researchers worldwide scrambled to harness the technology against the coronavirus.
Illustration of a fireplace with "Happy holidays" cards in English, Spanish and French
Year in Review

Natural Language Processing Models Get Literate: Why 2019 was a breakthrough year for NLP

Earlier language models powered by Word2Vec and GloVe embeddings yielded confused chatbots, grammar tools with middle-school reading comprehension, and not-half-bad translations. The latest generation is so good, some people consider it dangerous.

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