Speech bubble that says "It did well on the test set!"
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The Batch: Drivers Under Surveillance, What Is Fairness?, Cancer Treatment, Vision Improves Language, Trade In Your Gucci

Over the last several decades, driven by a multitude of benchmarks, supervised learning algorithms have become really good at achieving high accuracy on test datasets. As valuable as this is...
The price of shares in video game retailer GameStop (NYSE: GME)
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AI Feels Your Pain, GPT-3 Wants To Be Free, Privacy Is Harder Than You Think, Neural Network Performance Guaranteed

The price of shares in video game retailer GameStop (NYSE: GME) gyrated wildly last week. Many people viewed the stock’s rapid ascent as a David-versus-Goliath story: Tech-savvy individual retail investors coordinated their trades online to push up the price...
Slide that says "Proof of concept - production"
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The Batch: Reading Viruses, Liberating Drones, Detecting Earthquakes, Social Networking For The Blind, Competition For GANs

Last week, I talked about how best practices for machine learning projects are not one-size-fits-all, and how they vary depending on whether a project uses structured or unstructured data, and whether the dataset is small or big. Another dimension that affects best practices is which phase of...
Table with information related to data and datasets
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The Batch: Detecting Guns, Fighting Lead Poisoning, Adversarial Training for Language-and-Vision, Financial Reports for Robots

Experience gained in building a model to solve one problem doesn’t always transfer to building models for other problems. How can you tell whether or not intuitions honed in one project are likely to generalize to another?
US Capitol during winter
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The Batch: Propagandists Lie About AI, Language Models Grok Images, Machines Triage Covid Cases, World Models Shrink

Last Wednesday, the U.S. Capitol building was overrun by insurrectionists at the moment when members of Congress were certifying the results of a national election. Reading accounts of how close the mob came to where those representatives had sheltered...
Casino game
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The Batch: Clues to Mental Illness, Enterprise AI, Bias in Compressed Models, U.S. AI Strategy

In my letter last week, I alluded to the way AI tends to concentrate power and wealth. This tendency worries me, and I believe it deserves more attention.
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The Batch: New Year Wishes From Fei-Fei Li, Harry Shum, Ayanna Howard, Ilya Sutskever, Matthew Mattina

Happy New Year! As we enter 2021, I want to share with you three wishes I have for AI in the upcoming year. I hope we can: Narrow the gap between proofs-of-concept and production. While building good models is important...
Andrew Ng holding a cup, small christmas tree behind
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The Batch: Biggest AI Stories of 2020: Covid Triage, Fun With GANs, Disinfo Whack-A-Mole, GPT Superstar, ImageNet Recall, FDA Approvals

Every year for the past decade, I flew to Singapore or Hong Kong to celebrate my mother’s birthday with her on December 22. This year, for the first time, we did it via Zoom.
Many research papers
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The Batch: New Coronavirus Treatments, Reimagining Robotaxis, Opening Historical Archives, Streamlining Simulations

When a researcher works for a company, what rights should they have to publish their work, and what rights should the company that sponsored the work have? This issue has come up many times in the AI community across many companies...
Brass weight scales with cupped trays
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The Batch: Autonomous Helium Balloons, Seeing Eye AI, Muppet Models Estimate Weights and Measures, Labor Unions Fight Automation

Like many people in the AI community, I am saddened by the sudden departure from Google of ethical AI researcher Timnit Gebru. Timnit is a tireless champion of diversity and fairness in AI.
Light bulb on
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The Batch: Intelligent Agent Vs. Fighter Pilot, GAN for Pajama Zooming, When AI Goes Wrong, Multimodal Learning for Medicine

The rise of AI creates opportunities for new startups that can move humanity forward. In the 1990s, the internet was embraced successfully by incumbent companies including Apple and Microsoft, but it also inspired hugely impactful...
Labeling training data charts
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The Batch: Government AI Falls Short, Face Recognition for Bears, Research Papers in One Sentence, Counting Crowds

Over the last two weeks, I described the importance of clean, consistent labels and how to use human-level performance (HLP) to trigger a review of whether labeling instructions need to be reviewed.
Detecting system pointing out scratches on a surface
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The Batch: Bias In Surprising Places, Retail Models Adjust to Covid, Faster Transformers, AI Patents Explode

Last week, I wrote about the limitation of using human-level performance (HLP) as a metric to beat in machine learning applications for manufacturing and other fields. In this letter, I would like to show why beating HLP isn’t always the best way to improve performance.
Different defects on a platform
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The Batch: AI Predicts the Vote, Face Recognition Looks for Criminals, Model Cow Makes Milk, Transformers Prove Theorems

Beating human-level performance (HLP) has been a goal of academic research in machine learning from speech recognition to X-ray diagnosis. When your model outperforms humans, you can argue that you’ve reached a significant milestone and publish a paper!
Santa Clara County's I Voted sticker
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The Batch: Turning Tables on Face Recognition, Testing GPT-3, Recognizing Disinformation, Detecting Deepfakes

As I write this letter, the vote count is underway in yesterday’s U.S. presidential election. The race has turned out to be tight. In their final forecast last night, the political analysts at fivethirtyeight.com suggested an 89 percent chance that Joe Biden would win.

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