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IP for AI: Behind the rise of deep learning patents

The number of patents issued for deep learning has doubled every year since 2013. Inventor, engineer, and lawyer Nick Brestoff tracks deep learning patents. He detailed his findings in a blog on InsideBigData and offers advice on how to get patent applications approved.
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Deployment Gap: The state of enterpriese AI in 2020

More and more companies are developing machine learning models for internal use. But many are still struggling to bridge the gap to practical deployments.
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State of AI

AI Winter Sets In

Could the flood of hype for artificial intelligence lead to a catastrophic collapse in funding? AI will fail to deliver on promises inflated by businesses and researchers. Investors will migrate to greener pastures, and AI Winter will descend.
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Clash of the Frameworks

Most deep learning applications run on TensorFlow or PyTorch. A new analysis found that they have very different audiences. A researcher at Cornell University compared references to TensorFlow and PyTorch in public sources over the past year.
Chart with number of AI startup acquisitions from 2010 to 2019
State of AI

AI Startups in Demand

AI startups are being scooped up at an accelerating pace, many by companies outside the tech sphere. A report by CB Insights shows that, as of August, 2019 was on track to surpass last year’s record number of AI startup acquisitions.
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Are Those Results Reproducible?

As deep learning becomes more resource-intensive, labs with better funding tend to achieve better results. One consequence is that less wealthy organizations often can’t replicate state-of-the-art successes. Some observers are calling it a crisis.
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Easing Cross-Border Collaboration

Tighter national borders impede progress in AI. So industry leaders are calling for a different kind of immigration reform. The Partnership on AI published a report calling out the corrosive effect of restrictive immigration policies and suggesting alternatives. list with ways AI is being put to use
State of AI

AI in the Real World

Theoretical advances can be thrilling, but the excitement can drown out all the ways AI is actually being put to use. DeepIndex provides an up-to-date, well organized, cheeky guide to practical applications culled from news reports.
GO match: AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol
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DeepMind Results Raise Questions

Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind lost $572 million in the past year, and its losses over the last three years amounted to more than $1 billion. AI contrarian Gary Marcus used the news as an opportunity to question the direction of AI as an industry.

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