Animation showing methaphorically AI taking over people
State of AI

Is Ethical AI an Oxymoron?

Many people both outside and inside the tech industry believe that AI will serve mostly to boost profits and monitor people — without regard for negative consequences.
Charts and graphs showing relevant information regarding ethics in AI
State of AI

Irresponsible AI

Few companies that use AI understand the ethical issues it raises. While many companies are ramping up investments in AI, few look for and correct social biases in their models, according to a report by the credit-scoring company Fico.
Annual list of the most promising private AI companies in different fields
State of AI

Cream of the Startup Crop

AI startups continue to roared ahead, global pandemic or no. Tech industry analyst CB Insights published its fifth annual list of the 100 most promising private AI companies.
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State of AI

Spotlight on Unreproducible Results

A new website calls out AI research that may not lend itself to being reproduced. Papers Without Code maintains a directory of AI systems that researchers tried but failed to reproduce.
Operation of a hiring software which evaluates candidates through simple interactive games
State of AI

Who Audits the Auditors?

Auditing is a critical technique in the effort to build fair and equitable AI systems. But current auditing methods may not be up to the task. There’s no consensus on how AI should be audited, whether audits should be mandatory, and what to do with their results.
Selected data from AI Index, an annual report from Stanford University
State of AI

AI for Business Is Booming

Commercial AI research and deployments are on the rise, a new study highlights. The latest edition of the AI Index, an annual report from Stanford University, documents key trends in the field including the growing importance of private industry and the erosion of U.S. dominance in research.
Different graphs showing information about data scientists
State of AI

Data Science Is Full of Newbies

Machine learning is spreading from big corporations to smaller companies, and many of its practitioners are relatively new to the technology. Almost one in five data scientists active on Kaggle, which hosts machine learning competitions, have been in the field less than one year.
Data showing information related to AI strategy status in OECD countries
State of AI

Computation as a National Resource

How much processing power do various nations have on hand to drive their AI strategy? An international trade group aims to find out. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is launching an effort to measure the computing capacity available in countries around the world.
Scale of justice symbol over a map of India
State of AI

Fairness East and West

Western governments and institutions struggling to formulate principles of algorithmic fairness tend to focus on issues like race and gender. A new study of AI in India found a different set of key issues.
United States Capitol
State of AI

U.S. New Year’s Resolutions for AI

U.S. lawmakers authorized a slew of national programs that promote artificial intelligence research, development, and deployment, and support efforts to make sure the results are ethical and trustworthy.
Results of Algorithmia's survey of 750 business leaders
State of AI

Enterprise AI on the Rise

A survey of AI in large companies sees boom times ahead — if AI teams can get past issues that surround implementation. Businesses of all sizes are using more machine learning, spending more on it, and hiring more engineers to wrangle it.
Animations depicting benchmarking, datasets and best practices
State of AI

Prosperity of the Commons

A new consortium of companies, schools, and research labs is building open tools for next-generation machine learning. MLCommons aims to foster innovation in machine learning by developing new benchmarks, datasets, and best practices.
Data related to AI patents in the U.S.
State of AI

Charting the AI Patent Explosion

A new study used AI to track the explosive growth of AI innovation. Researchers from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deployed natural language processing to track AI’s increasing presence in four decades of patent data.
Illustration of Frankenstein painting a billboard with the text "Bunnies are the real monsters"
State of AI

AI Spreads Disinformation

Will AI promote lies that deepen social divisions? Propagandists will bait online recommendation algorithms with sensationalized falsehoods. People who snap at the clickbait will be reeled into opposing ideological silos.
Africa map and location sign with letters AI over it
State of AI

AI in Regions Rich and Poor

Companies in Africa and the Middle East are building AI capacity in very different ways, a new study found. AI is growing fast in both regions despite shortages of talent and data.

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