Graph related to a machine learning model that reads the titles of bug reports
Software Development

Bug Squasher: A TF-IDF NLP Technique for Finding Bugs in Code

A new algorithm can triage programming bugs, highlighting dangerous flaws. Microsoft researchers developed a machine learning model that reads the titles of bug reports and recognizes those describing flaws that compromise security.
Good and bad examples of labeling images with pictures of birds
Software Development

Selling Shovels to Data Miners

When the world is panning for machine learning gold, it pays to help them dig through the data. Machine learning entrepreneurs can make their mark (and their fortune) building services that help other companies develop, deploy, and monitor AI, venture capitalist Rob Toews argues in Forbes.
Some results from CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising startups in AI
Software Development

Machine Learning Churning

Many of this year’s hottest AI companies are taking the spotlight from last year’s darlings.What’s new: CB Insights, which analyzes early-stage companies, published its annual list of the 100 “most promising” startups in AI.
GitHub logo illustration
Software Development

The Right Problem for Your Solution

A new tool connects novice programmers with projects that match their experience and interests. Github’s Good First Issues tool uses deep learning to find easy-to-fix issues among the collaborative software development platform’s multitude of open source projects.

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