Info about radioactive data
Machine Learning Research

X Marks the Dataset: Radioacive data helps trace a model's training corpus.

Which dataset was used to train a given model? A new method makes it possible to see traces of the training corpus in a model’s output.
FixMatch example
Machine Learning Research

Less Labels, More Learning: Improved small data performance with combined techniques

In small data settings where labels are scarce, semi-supervised learning can train models by using a small number of labeled examples and a larger set of unlabeled examples. A new method outperforms earlier techniques.
Method overview of model that makes a person on video appear to speak words from a separate audio recording
Machine Learning Research

Guest Speaker: Deepfake method syncs up mouth movements with words.

Deepfake videos in which one person appears to speak another’s words have appeared in entertainment, advertising, and politics. New research ups the ante for an application that enables new forms of both creative expression and
Simplified depiction of LSH Attention
Machine Learning Research

Transformers Transformed: Research improves transformer efficiency with Reformer.

Transformer networks have revolutionized natural language processing, but they hog processor cycles and memory. New research demonstrates a more frugal variation.
Fragment of a video explaining a model that extracts landmarks on the fly from radar scans
Machine Learning Research

Locating Landmarks on the Fly: AI model identifies stationary objects from radar scans.

Directions such as “turn left at the big tree, go three blocks, and stop at the big red house on your left” can get you to your destination because they refer to stationary landmarks. New research enables self-driving cars to identify such stable indicators on their own.
Information related to a test powered by deep learning that diagnoses tumor samples in only a few minutes
Machine Learning Research

Surgical Speed-Up: An AI tool for diagnosing brain tumor scans

Every second counts when a patient’s skull is open in the operating room. A new technique based on deep learning can shorten some brain surgeries. During brain cancer operations, surgeons must stop in mid-operation for up to a half hour while a pathologist analyzes the tumor tissue.
Information and images related to 6D-Pose Anchor-based Category-level Keypoint-tracker (6-PACK)
Machine Learning Research

Deep Learning for Object Tracking: AI for six-dimensional object tracking for robotics

AI is good at tracking objects in two dimensions. A new model processes video from a camera with a depth sensor to predict how objects move through space.
Results of a technique that interprets reflected light to reveal objects outside the line of sight
Machine Learning Research

Periscope Vision: Researchers used deep learning to see around corners.

Wouldn’t it be great to see around corners? Deep learning researchers are working on it. Researchers developed deep-inverse correlography, a technique that interprets reflected light to reveal objects outside the line of sight.
Different examples of FaceShifter working on peoples' portraits
Machine Learning Research

Trading Faces: FaceShifter swaps faces obscured by objects.

AI’s ability to transfer a person’s face from a source photo onto someone in a target photo doesn’t work so well when the target face is partially obscured by, say, eyeglasses, a veil, or a hand. A new technique handles such occlusions.
Heart shape made with two hands
Machine Learning Research

That Swipe-Right Look: Photofeeler-D3 AI chooses the best pics for dating profiles.

In an online dating profile, the photo that highlights your physical beauty may not be the one that makes you look smart or honest — also important traits in a significant other. A new neural network helps pick the most appealing shots.
Two pandas eating
Machine Learning Research

What Love Sounds Like: AI system recognizes the sounds of mating pandas.

Female giant pandas are fertile for only 24 to 36 hours a year: Valentine’s Day on steroids. A new neural network alerts human keepers when a panda couple mates.
Data related to AlphaFold, a protein-folding model
Machine Learning Research

Protein Shapes Revealed: A summary of the AlphaFold research paper

A protein’s biological function depends largely on its three-dimensional shape, but deducing its shape from its sequence of amino acids has been a longstanding problem. Researchers at DeepMind reveal how they used deep learning to solve the puzzle.
Information related to Differentiable Digital Signal Processing (DDSP)
Machine Learning Research

Old Tools for New Synths: A summary of Differntiable Digital Signal Processing

Neural audio synthesizers like WaveRNN or GANSynth produce impressive sounds, but they require large, data-hungry neural networks. A new code library beefs up the neural music studio with efficient sound modules based on traditional synthesizer designs.
Information related to the kNN-LM algorithm
Machine Learning Research

Helpful Neighbors: A research summary of the kNN-LM language model

School teachers may not like to hear this, but sometimes you get the best answer by peeking at your neighbor’s paper. A new language model framework peeks at the training data for context when making a prediction.
Information related to FastSpeech, a text-to-speech system
Machine Learning Research

Text to Speech in Parallel: A research summary of FastSpeech text-to-speech AI

A new system marks a step forward in converting text to speech: It’s fast at inference, reduces word errors, and provides some control over the speed and inflection of generated speech.What’s new: Yi Ren, Yangjun Ruan, and their co-authors at Zhejiang

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