Neural network over a world map
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Covid-19: How to Flatten the Curve

In the earlier weeks of Covid-19, I didn’t want to contribute noise, so that experts in infectious disease could be heard. But now the situation has worsened. I spoke yesterday with Eric Topol, a cardiologist at Scripps Institute and author of Deep...
Andrew Ng with his grandfather
Personal Insights

The Key to Longevity

Happy New Year!Every winter holiday, I pursue a learning goal around a new topic. In between visits with family, I end up reading a lot.
Drone race
Personal Insights

Does Your Project Bring Joy?

I just replaced my two-year-old phone with a new one and figured out how to take long-exposure photos of Nova even while she’s asleep and the lights are very low. This piece of technology brought me a surprising amount of joy!

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