Graphs showing information about AI system as the inventor of a food container with unique properties
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Invented By AI: South Africa awards a patent to an AI inventor.

An algorithm received a patent for its invention. What’s new: South Africa’s intellectual property office issued a patent that names an AI system as the inventor of a food container.
Sequence of famous arcade games' scenes
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Solve RL With This One Weird Trick: How to get better performance from reinforcement learning.

The previous state-of-the-art model for playing vintage Atari games took advantage of a number of advances in reinforcement learning (RL). The new champion is a basic RL architecture plus a trick borrowed from image generation.
Frozen Pretrained Transformer (FPT) explained
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Transformers Are Smarter Than You Think: Language transformers can do math, vision, and logic.

The transformer architecture has shown an uncanny ability to model not only language but also images and proteins. New research found that it can apply what it learns from the first domain to the others.
Series of images showing how single trained network generates 3D reconstructions of multiple scenes
Generative Modeling

One Network, Many Scenes: Combining NeRF with VAE to generate 3D scenes

To reconstruct the 3D world behind a set of 2D images, machine learning systems usually require a dedicated neural network for each scene. New research enables a single trained network to generate 3D reconstructions of multiple scenes.
Series of AI generated imagery
Generative Modeling

CLIP Art: Creating AI art by pairing CLIP with GAN models

Creative engineers are combining deep learning systems to produce a groundswell of generated imagery. Researchers, hackers, and artists are producing new works by pairing CLIP, a pretrained image classifier, with a generative adversarial network (GAN).
AI generated videos and VideoGPT training pipeline
Generative Modeling

Synthetic Videos on the Double: VideoGPT is an efficient generative AI system for video.

Using a neural network to generate realistic videos takes a lot of computation. New work performs the task efficiently enough to run on a beefy personal computer.
Neural networks generating novel views of a 3D scene based on existing pictures
Generative Modeling

3D Scene Synthesis for the Real World: Generating 3D scenes with radiance fields and image data

Researchers have used neural networks to generate novel views of a 3D scene based on existing pictures plus the positions and angles of the cameras that took them. In practice, though, you may not know the precise camera
Process showing how FastNeRF accelerates the photorealistic 3D rendering method
Generative Modeling

Virtual Reality in Real Time: FastNeRF renders 3D scenes at 200 frames per second.

Ideally, real-time 3D applications such as virtual and augmented reality transition smoothly between different viewpoints of a scene — but generating a fresh perspective can take time. New research speeds the process.
Minecraft video capture
Generative Modeling

3D Object Factory: Researchers train neural networks to build in Minecraft.

In the open-ended video game Minecraft, players extract blocks of virtual materials from a 3D environment to assemble objects of their own design, from trees to cathedrals. Researchers trained neural networks to generate these structures.
Forbidden sign over security cameras, handprint and face recognition system
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The Coming Crackdown: The 2021 draft version of the European Union's AI Act

The European Union proposed sweeping restrictions on AI technologies and applications. The executive arm of the 27-nation EU published draft rules that aim to regulate, and in some cases ban, a range of AI systems.
Diagram showing how Project Debater works
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Up for Debate: IBM's NLP-powered debate bot mines LexisNexis.

IBM’s Watson question-answering system stunned the world in 2011 when it bested human champions of the TV trivia game show Jeopardy! Although the Watson brand has fallen on hard times, the company’s language-processing prowess continues to develop.
X-ray technique reproducing a painting that had been hidden beneath one of Pablo Picasso’s works
Generative Modeling

Crouching Beggar, Hidden Painting: How Oxia Palus used AI to recreate a lost Picasso painting.

Neural networks for image generation don’t just create new art — they can help recreate works that have been lost for ages. Oxia Palus, a UK startup dedicated to resurrecting lost art through AI.
A generative adversarial network (GAN)
Generative Modeling

Image Generation Transformed: New research combines GANs with transformers.

A recent generative adversarial network (GAN) produced more coherent images using modified transformers that replaced fully connected layers with convolutional layers. A new GAN achieved a similar end using transformers in their original form.
CogView home website
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Large Language Models for Chinese: A brief overview of the Wu Dao NLP models.

Researchers unveiled competition for the reigning large language model GPT-3. Four models collectively called Wu Dao were described by Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, a research collective funded by the Chinese government, according to Synced Review.
System designed to isolate changes in the pose of a two-dimensional figure
Generative Modeling

Motion Mapper: An AI system for automated animations for video game sprites

In some animated games, different characters can perform the same actions — say, walking, jumping, or casting spells. A new system learned from unlabeled data to transfer such motions from one character to another.

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