Different examples of Shutterstock's AI-powered image generator and a coin on the right side
Generative Modeling

An Image Generator That Pays Artists: Shutterstock's new generative AI tool will pay artists.

A top supplier of stock images will compensate artists who contribute training data to its image-generation service.
Open water tap providing sentences instead of water
Generative Modeling

Generate Articles, Publish Errors: CNET pauses its practice of writing news articles with AI.

A prominent tech-news website generated controversy (and mistakes) by publishing articles written by AI. CNET suspended its practice of publishing articles produced by a text-generation model following news reports that exposed the articles’ authorship.
Screen captures of the Sparrow Chatbot
Generative Modeling

Google’s Rule-Respecting Chatbot: Research helps AI chatbots be more truthful and less hateful.

Amid speculation about the threat posed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to Google’s search business, a paper shows how the search giant might address the tendency of such models to produce offensive, incoherent, or untruthful dialog.
Microsoft logo (left) and ChatGPT logo (right) reflecting the colors of the Microsoft logo
Generative Modeling

AI Powers Strengthen Ties: Microsoft boosts its investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft deepened its high-stakes relationship with OpenAI. The tech giant confirmed rumors that it is boosting its investment in the research lab that created the ChatGPT large language model and other AI innovations.
Screen capture of KokoBot having a conversation with a patient
Generative Modeling

Bot Therapy and Informed Consent: Discord's Kokobot triggers an ethics controversy.

An experiment in using chatbots to dispense mental-health counseling raised questions about ethics.
Participant responses (Likert-scale) to post-survey questions about belief about OpenAI's Codex
Generative Modeling

Generated Code Generates Overconfident Coders: Copilot AI tool encourages programmers to write buggy code.

Tools that automatically write computer code may make their human users overconfident that the programs are bug-free. Stanford University researchers found that programmers who used OpenAI’s Codex, a model that generates computer code, were more likely...
DoNotPay's system that autonomously navigates phone menus and converses with customer service representatives working
Generative Modeling

Your Personal Deepfaked Agent: This GPT-powered voice tool will talk to customer service for you.

Hate talking to customer service? An AI-powered tool may soon do it for you. Joshua Browder, chief executive of the consumer advocacy organization DoNotPay, demonstrated a system that autonomously navigates phone menus and converses...
ChatGPT on the right with a forbidden sign as different logos appear on the left
Generative Modeling

ChatGPT Backlash: ChatGPT faces backlash over plagiarism fears.

The Batch - AI News & Insights. The breakout text generator faces resistance — even within the AI community. Organizations including the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) and the New York Department of Education banned OpenAI's ChatGPT...
Outline of the text-embedding and inversion process.
Generative Modeling

Precision-Guided Image Generation: Better text-to-image results with latent diffusion

Typical text-to-image generators can generate pictures of a cat, but not your cat. That’s because it’s hard to describe in a text prompt precisely all the things that distinguish your pet from other members of the same species.
3 graphs showing projections of data usage. Each one shows two extrapolations of data usage.
Generative Modeling

Will We Have Enough Data?

The world’s supply of data soon may fail to meet the demands of increasingly hungry machine learning models. Researchers at Epoch AI found that a shortage of text data could cause trouble as early as this year. Vision data may fall short within a decade.
Reza Zadeh photographed during a conference
Generative Modeling

Reza Zadeh: Generative AI can bring a breakthrough in active learning, says Matroid founder Reza Zadeh

As we enter the new year, there is a growing hope that the recent explosion of generative AI will bring significant progress in active learning. This technique, which enables machine learning systems to generate their own training examples and request them to be labeled...
Yoshua Bengio teaching
Generative Modeling

Yoshua Bengio: Deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio looks forward to neural nets that can reason.

Recent advances in deep learning largely have come by brute force: taking the latest architectures and scaling up compute power, data, and engineering. Do we have the architectures we need, and all that remains is to develop better hardware and datasets so we can keep...
Illustration of The Grinch's hands coding on a tablet
Generative Modeling

Programmer’s Best Friend: Code generation services took off in 2022.

Behind schedule on a software project? There’s an app for that. Language models fine-tuned on computer code proved capable of generating software routines similar to the work of experienced developers — though the results can be hit-or-miss.
Illustration of an elf workshop creating a red toy car from a description (channeling AI generated images)
Generative Modeling

Synthetic Images Everywhere: 2022 was the year text-to-image AI went mainstream.

Pictures produced by AI went viral, stirred controversies, and drove investments. A new generation of text-to-image generators inspired a flood of experimentation, transforming text descriptions into mesmerizing artworks and photorealistic fantasies.
Sequence of cellphones showing a photograph turned into art on Lensa AI app
Generative Modeling

Avatars Gone Wild: What's going on with Lensa, the AI-powered selfie app?

A blockbuster app produces sexualized avatar images, even when the original portraits were safe for work.

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