Photoshopped picture of George Bush, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Barack Obama playing UNO
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Voice Clones Go Viral: AI cloned voices take over YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify.

Tired of rap battles composed by ChatGPT? Get ready for the next wave of AI-generated fun and profit. Cloned voices are taking center stage in productions by upstart creators and monied corporations alike.
Different screen captures of Replika's website
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Hot Bot Turns Cold: Why Replika's chatbot stopped flirting with users.

A chatbot that simulated erotic companionship stopped sharing intimacies, leaving some users heartbroken. Replika, a chatbot app, deactivated features that allowed premium users to engage in sexually explicit chat with the 3D avatar of their choice, Vice reported.
Buzzfeed's AI-generated quizzes
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Publishers Embrace Text Generation: GPT-fueled content at the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and more

Media outlets are forging ahead with generative AI despite the technology’s high-profile misfires. Publishers are using text generators to produce light reading within constrained formats such as holiday messages and quizzes.
Laptop displaying the Baidu logo and tablet displaying OpenAI's ChatGPT website homepage
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China Chases Chatbots: Chinese tech companies race to cash in on ChatGPT fever.

ChatGPT fever has reached China despite legal and technical barriers. Two months after its debut, ChatGPT is a viral sensation on Chinese social media, MIT Technology Review reported. Companies in that country are racing to cash in.
Bing logo talking to a therapist during a therapy session
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Bing Unbound: A roundup of wacky behavior from the new AI-powered Bing

Microsoft aimed to reinvent web search. Instead, it showed that even the most advanced text generators remain alarmingly unpredictable. In the two weeks since Microsoft integrated an OpenAI chatbot with its Bing search engine, users have reported...
The Larry character in Nothing, Forever, an AI-generated Seinfeld parody
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Seinfeld's Twitch Moment: AI-generated sitcom Nothing, Forever booted from Twitch.

AI hobbyists created an homage to their favorite TV show . . . until it got knocked off the server. The creators of Nothing, Forever launched a fully automated, never-ending emulation of the popular TV show Seinfeld.
Synthetic avatar created using the Synthesia demo
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News You Can Misuse: Disinformation groups used AI to spread propaganda.

Political forces used a commercial AI service to generate deepfaked propaganda. Videos have appeared on social media that show AI-generated characters speaking against the United States or in favor of foreign governments. The clips feature synthetic avatars offered by the startup Synthesia.
Godzilla with the Google logo and Kong with the Microsoft logo, fighting
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Search War!: Google and Microsoft both announce AI-Powered search.

The long-dormant struggle to dominate the web-search business reignited in a display of AI-driven firepower — and hubris. Google and Microsoft announced competing upgrades powered by the latest generation of chatbots. Baidu, too, flexed its natural-language-processing muscles.
AI-generated images of legal trials taking place in courtrooms
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Generative AI on Trial: Artists file a lawsuit against Stability AI and Midjourney.

Models that generate text and images are raising thorny questions about the ownership of both their training data and their output. The companies that provide popular tools for generating text and images are fighting a barrage of lawsuits. TechCrunch surveyed the docket.
Different examples of Shutterstock's AI-powered image generator and a coin on the right side
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An Image Generator That Pays Artists: Shutterstock's new generative AI tool will pay artists.

A top supplier of stock images will compensate artists who contribute training data to its image-generation service.
Open water tap providing sentences instead of water
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Generate Articles, Publish Errors: CNET pauses its practice of writing news articles with AI.

A prominent tech-news website generated controversy (and mistakes) by publishing articles written by AI. CNET suspended its practice of publishing articles produced by a text-generation model following news reports that exposed the articles’ authorship.
Screen captures of the Sparrow Chatbot
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Google’s Rule-Respecting Chatbot: Research helps AI chatbots be more truthful and less hateful.

Amid speculation about the threat posed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to Google’s search business, a paper shows how the search giant might address the tendency of such models to produce offensive, incoherent, or untruthful dialog.
Microsoft logo (left) and ChatGPT logo (right) reflecting the colors of the Microsoft logo
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AI Powers Strengthen Ties: Microsoft boosts its investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft deepened its high-stakes relationship with OpenAI. The tech giant confirmed rumors that it is boosting its investment in the research lab that created the ChatGPT large language model and other AI innovations.
Screen capture of KokoBot having a conversation with a patient
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Bot Therapy and Informed Consent: Discord's Kokobot triggers an ethics controversy.

An experiment in using chatbots to dispense mental-health counseling raised questions about ethics.
Participant responses (Likert-scale) to post-survey questions about belief about OpenAI's Codex
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Generated Code Generates Overconfident Coders: Copilot AI tool encourages programmers to write buggy code.

Tools that automatically write computer code may make their human users overconfident that the programs are bug-free. Stanford University researchers found that programmers who used OpenAI’s Codex, a model that generates computer code, were more likely...

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