Dec 25, 2019

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Illustration of a fireplace with "Happy holidays" cards in English, Spanish and French
Dec 25, 2019

Natural Language Processing Models Get Literate: Why 2019 was a breakthrough year for NLP

Earlier language models powered by Word2Vec and GloVe embeddings yielded confused chatbots, grammar tools with middle-school reading comprehension, and not-half-bad translations. The latest generation is so good, some people consider it dangerous.
Illustration of a reindeer with security cameras pointing at it
Dec 25, 2019

Face Recognition Meets Resistance: The rising resistance against face recognition in 2019

An international wave of anti-surveillance sentiment pushed back against the proliferation of face recognition systems.
Sled on the snow
Dec 25, 2019

Driverless Cars Stall: Why autonomous driving stalled in 2019

Makers of self-driving cars predicted a quick race to the finish line, but their vehicles are far from the homestretch. A few years ago, some car companies promised road-ready autonomous vehicles as early as 2017.
Illustration of three identical reindeers
Dec 25, 2019

Deepfakes Go Mainstream: Why 2019 was a big year for deepfakes

Society awakened to the delight, threat, and sheer weirdness of realistic images and other media dreamed up by computers.
Illustration of a crystal snowball
Dec 25, 2019

Simulation Substitutes for Data: When simulation works wonders with deep learning

The future of machine learning may depend less on amassing ground-truth data than simulating the environment in which a model will operate. Deep learning works like magic with enough high-quality data. When examples are scarce, though, researchers are using simulation to fill the gap.
Illustration of two people playing a snowball fight
Dec 25, 2019

A Smoldering Conflict Flares: The debate between AI symbolism and connectionism, explained

A year-long Twitter feud breathed fresh life into a decades-old argument over AI’s direction. Gary Marcus, a standard bearer of logic-based AI, waged a tireless Twitter campaign to knock deep learning off its pedestal and promote other AI approaches.

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