Heat map of Europe
Climate Change

Extreme Weather Warning: Deep learning system helps predict extreme temperatures.

Severe heat waves and cold snaps are especially hard to forecast because atmospheric perturbations can have effects that are difficult to compute. Neural networks show promise where typical methods have stumbled.
Chart with top 100 related videos for YouTube search on "global warming"
Climate Change

Bad Recommendations: Activists say YouTube's algorithm spreads climate disinformation.

YouTube is a great place to learn about new ideas — including some that have been thoroughly discredited. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is helping spread misinformation about climate change, according to research by Avaaz, a self-funded activist group.
Solar panels
Climate Change

Solar Power Heats Up: How solar thermal plants use AI to maximize energy output

Solar-thermal power plants concentrate the sun’s energy using huge arrays of mirrors. AI is helping those arrays stay in focus.

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