GPT-4 Has Landed: Everything you need to know about GPT-4.

GPT-4 Has Landed: Everything you need to know about GPT-4.

Get ready for the next wave of language-model mania. OpenAI introduced the latest in its GPT series of large language models to widespread excitement. The company showed statistics and examples designed to demonstrate...
Buzzfeed's AI-generated quizzes

Publishers Embrace Text Generation: GPT-fueled content at the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and more

Media outlets are forging ahead with generative AI despite the technology’s high-profile misfires. Publishers are using text generators to produce light reading within constrained formats such as holiday messages and quizzes.
Laptop displaying the Baidu logo and tablet displaying OpenAI's ChatGPT website homepage

China Chases Chatbots: Chinese tech companies race to cash in on ChatGPT fever.

ChatGPT fever has reached China despite legal and technical barriers. Two months after its debut, ChatGPT is a viral sensation on Chinese social media, MIT Technology Review reported. Companies in that country are racing to cash in.
Godzilla with the Google logo and Kong with the Microsoft logo, fighting

Search War!: Google and Microsoft both announce AI-Powered search.

The long-dormant struggle to dominate the web-search business reignited in a display of AI-driven firepower — and hubris. Google and Microsoft announced competing upgrades powered by the latest generation of chatbots. Baidu, too, flexed its natural-language-processing muscles.
Different examples of Shutterstock's AI-powered image generator and a coin on the right side

An Image Generator That Pays Artists: Shutterstock's new generative AI tool will pay artists.

A top supplier of stock images will compensate artists who contribute training data to its image-generation service.
Microsoft logo (left) and ChatGPT logo (right) reflecting the colors of the Microsoft logo

AI Powers Strengthen Ties: Microsoft boosts its investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft deepened its high-stakes relationship with OpenAI. The tech giant confirmed rumors that it is boosting its investment in the research lab that created the ChatGPT large language model and other AI innovations.
Chart showing the mine supply, recycling and supply gap of different minerals' production from 2025 to 2050

Digging for Green Tech: How KoBold Metals uses AI to find rare minerals

The metals needed to meet rocketing demand for electric cars and renewable power plants are in short supply. A startup is using machine learning to discover new sources.
DoNotPay's system that autonomously navigates phone menus and converses with customer service representatives working

Your Personal Deepfaked Agent: This GPT-powered voice tool will talk to customer service for you.

Hate talking to customer service? An AI-powered tool may soon do it for you. Joshua Browder, chief executive of the consumer advocacy organization DoNotPay, demonstrated a system that autonomously navigates phone menus and converses...
Some results from the 2022 AI Strategy Report survey by MIT Sloan Management Review.

AI as Officemate: Workers benefit from AI-powered assistance and tools.

Many workers benefit from AI in the office without knowing it, a new study found. MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group surveyed employees on their use of AI in their day-to-day work. Their findings...
Illustration of The Grinch's hands coding on a tablet

Programmer’s Best Friend: Code generation services took off in 2022.

Behind schedule on a software project? There’s an app for that. Language models fine-tuned on computer code proved capable of generating software routines similar to the work of experienced developers — though the results can be hit-or-miss.
Video showing Apple's self-driving car

Drive Different: Apple plans self-driving car release for 2026.

Apple is redrawing the road map for its self-driving car. The company is redesigning an autonomous car that has been in development for nearly a decade, Bloomberg reported. Originally intended to be fully autonomous under all conditions, the redesigned vehicle will allow for a human driver.
FTX logo drowning in a sea full of dollars

Cryptocurrency Unsafe for AI: How FTX's collapse impacts AI.

The demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX threatens funding for some teams devoted to AI safety. FTX, the $32 billion exchange that plunged into bankruptcy last month amid allegations of fraud, had given or promised more than $530 million to over 70 AI-related organizations.
Excerpt from a video showing what Atarraya's Shrimpbox looks like

Tanks for All the Fish: A Company is Growing Shrimp in AI-Controlled Shipping Containers

Farming shrimp in an open pond produces toxic effluent that can pollute groundwater and coastal waters. An AI-driven farm in a box may offer a more sustainable alternative.
Different logos from companies like OpenAI,, Jasper and the dollar sign

Generating Investment: Generative AI Startups Raise Hundreds of Millions in Funding

The generative gold rush is on. Venture capitalists are betting hundreds of millions of dollars on startups that use AI to generate images, text, and more, Wired reported.
Series of images showing different AI tools for farmers

Smarts for Farms: Microsoft Open Sources AI Systems for Agriculture

The next green revolution may be happening in the server room. Microsoft open-sourced a set of AI tools designed to help farmers cut costs and improve yields.

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