Graph Average across 14 NLP Tasks parameters versus Average Accuracy
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GPT-Free: Meta Releases Open Source Large Language Models OPT

Itching to get your hands on a fully trained large language model? The wait is over. Meta introduced the OPT family of transformer-based language models with nearly unfettered access to source code and trained weights.
Robot nurse helper
AI & Society

Nurse’s Mechanical Helper: Inside the Moxi AI-Powered Hospital Robot

Hospitals are using robots to lighten the load on clinical staff. A number of U.S. hospitals are using Moxi, a robot from Diligent Robotics, to ferry supplies, lab specimens, soiled laundry, and other items.
Someone ordering a cab service with an app
AI & Society

Autonomy Becomes Autonomous: Beijing Allows Self-Driving Cars From Baidu and Pony

In Beijing, self-driving cars are rolling without a driver behind the wheel. China’s capital city authorized and Apollo Go, a Baidu subsidiary, to deploy self-driving taxis without a human in the driver’s seat.
Bat and viruses symbols
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Predicting the Next Pandemic: Using AI to Predict the Next Pandemic

Odds are that the next mass contagion will jump to humans from animals. But which species? Virus hunters are using learning algorithms to learn which animals are likely to carry microbes that pose a danger to humans.
Aircrafts flying
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Training Mission: AI Helps Train Air Force Fighter Pilots

An experimental AI system is helping train the next generation of fighter pilots. The U.S. Air Force is using deep learning to evaluate the progress of around 50 pilots in one of its training squadrons, Popular Science reported.
Series of pictures of drivers
AI & Society

The View Through the Windshield: New Zealand Uses Computer Vision to Spot Distracted Drivers

Overhead cameras equipped with computer vision are spotting distracted drivers on the road. A system from Melbourne-based Acusensus alerts police when drivers are engaged in risky activities such as using a cell phone, not wearing a seatbelt, or speeding.
Clearview.AI search engine working
AI & Society

Seeing Through the Fog of War: How Clearview AI is Being Used in the 2022 Ukraine War

Face recognition is identifying people who have been killed, displaced, or recorded perpetrating alleged war crimes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Clearview AI made its face recognition system freely available to the Ukrainian government.
AI system recognizes normal chest x-rays
AI & Society

AI Enters the Radiology Department: ChestLink, an AI X-Ray Tool Approved by European Officials

The European Union approved for clinical use an AI system that recognizes normal chest X-rays. ChestLink is the first autonomous computer vision system to earn the European Economic Area’s CE mark for medical devices...
ZooBuilder videoscreen capture
AI & Society

Animal Animations From Video: ZooBuilder AI Tool Converts Animal Videos into Animations'

A video game studio is looking to machine learning to cut the effort and expense of populating three-dimensional scenes with animated animals.
Mobile app with forbidden sign over it | Federal Trade Commission (FTC) logo
AI & Society

The Hammer Drops: Government Fines Company for Misusing Child Data

The U.S. government punished an app vendor for building an algorithm based on ill-gotten data. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. agency in charge of consumer protection, ruled that an app developed by WW International (formerly Weight Watchers) violated data-collection laws.
Indigenous Knowledge Graph
AI & Society

Native Processing: Intelligent Voices of Wisdom Teaches Native Culture to AI

A group of media and technology experts is working to give AI a better understanding of indigenous peoples. IVOW is a consultancy that aims to reduce machine learning bias against cultures that are underrepresented in training data by producing knowledge graphs and other resources.
Group of pigs
AI & Society

Barnyard Sentiment Analysis: AI calculates a pig's mood using snorts.

Neural networks may help farmers make sure their animals are happy. Researchers led by Elodie Briefer and Ciara Sypherd at University of Copenhagen developed a system that interprets the moods behind a pig’s grunts and squeals.
Poker game
AI & Society

Know When to Fold ’Em: Casinos use AI to spot gambling addicts.

Lose too much money at Texas hold ’em, and you may get an AI-generated warning. Casinos and gaming websites are using machine learning to flag gamblers who show signs of addictive behavior.
AI-generated video of Yoon Suk-yeol
AI & Society

AI for President: How South Korean president's campaign used deepfakes

A deepfake of South Korea’s new president helped propel him into office. Yoon Suk-yeol, who won the country’s March 9 election, campaigned using videos that featured an AI-generated likeness of himself answering voters’ questions.
Pictures of senior citizens
AI & Society

Algorithms for the Aged: World Health Organization wants better AI for the elderly

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that elders may not receive the full benefit of AI in healthcare. It highlights sources of bias in such systems and offers recommendations for building them.

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