Gif of Google search results shows how the company is minimizing disinformation.
AI & Society

Misinformation Recognition: Google Updated its Search Engine to Minimize Disinformation

Google updated the Multitask Unified model its search algorithm to respond to the flood of misinformation on the web.
Animated map shows U.S. states that enacted AI laws in 2021 and 2022.
AI & Society

AI Regulations Proceed Locally: U.S. States Enact Laws Targeting AI

EPIC published a summary of AI-related laws that states and cities considered between January 2021 and August 2022.
Animation showing how an AI-enabled leg sleeve called Neural Sleeve helps people walk.
AI & Society

AI Hits Its Stride: Cionic’s AI-Powered Neural Sleeve Could Help Fix Impaired Walking

Neural Sleeve is intended to correct leg movements for people impacted by multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and stroke.
Animated graphs show statistics for autonomous vehicle collisions.
AI & Society

Self-Driving Safety Check: U.S. Government Data Details 2021 Autonomous Vehicle Crashes

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) detailed autonomous vehicle collisions over a 12-month period.
An animation shows an AI-powered system called From Numbers to Names, which identifies Holocaust victims in photographs.
AI & Society

Identifying Faces of History: From Numbers to Names Uses AI to Identify Holocaust Victims

From Numbers to Names matches individuals to faces in publicly available images related to the genocide of European Jews between 1941 and 1945.
Bloom logo
AI & Society

Large Language Models Unbound: BLOOM is the Largest Open Source NLP Model to Date

A worldwide collaboration produced the biggest open source language model to date. BLOOM is a family of language models built by the BigScience Research Workshop, a collective of over 1,000 researchers from 250 institutions around the globe.
EU badge in a vehicle's hood
AI & Society

Keep Your AIs on the Road: New Law Requires European Vehicles to Come with Automated Features

The European Union passed a law that requires new vehicles to come equipped with automated safety features.
A football player performs drills on the pitch while a computer vision system tracks and grades his movements
AI & Society

On the Ball: An AI-Powered App Lets Amateur Footballers Try Out for the Pros

AiSCOUT uses computer vision to grade amateur footballers and recommends those who score highest to representatives of professional teams.
Computer vision recognizing soldiers in a battle fi
AI & Society

AI War Chest Grows: NATO Invests €1 Billion in Advanced Technologies

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced a €1 billion venture capital fund for technologies including AI.
Different images generated by DALL·E
AI & Society

Text-to-Image Goes Viral: Inside Craiyon, Formerly Known as DALL-E Mini

A homebrew re-creation of OpenAI’s DALL·E model is the latest internet sensation. Craiyon has been generating around 50,000 user-prompted images daily, thanks to its ability to produce visual mashups like Darth Vader ice fishing and photorealistic Pokemon characters.
Robotaxis driving on the street
AI & Society

When Self-Driving Cars Won’t Drive: Cruise Self-Driving Cars Cause Traffic Jams in San Francisco

Dormant robotaxis are snarling traffic on the streets of San Francisco.What’s new: Cruise self-driving cabs lately have stalled en masse, Wired reported.
Autonomous research ship in the ocean
AI & Society

AI AI, Captain! Mayflower AI Ship Crosses the Atlantic Ocean

An autonomous research ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean — with a few pit stops to address challenges along the way. Built by IBM and marine research nonprofit ProMare, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship 400 (MAS400) last week completed a voyage from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Satalite Map image
AI & Society

Tracking Changes on Earth’s Surface: AI Tracks Land Change from Satellite Imagery

Computer vision systems are scanning satellite photos to track construction on the Earth’s surface — an exercise in behavior recognition on a global scale.
House for sale AD
AI & Society

U.S. Acts Against Algorithmic Bias: Meta Removes Bias from its Ad Algorithms

Regulators are forcing Meta (formerly Facebook) to display certain advertisements more evenly across its membership. The United States government compelled Meta to revise its ad-placement system to deliver ads for housing to members regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity.
Word cloud, chess positions given to the model as text and chart with % of suggested chess moves
AI & Society

Toward Next-Gen Language Models: New Benchmarks Test the Limits of Large Language Models

A new benchmark aims to raise the bar for large language models. Researchers at 132 institutions worldwide introduced the Beyond the Imitation Game benchmark (BIG-bench), which includes tasks that humans perform well but current state-of-the-art models don’t.

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