Military tank
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Robot Tanks on the March

A new generation of battlebots is gaining momentum.What’s new: The Army is at least two years ahead of schedule in its plan to deploy self-driving (and self-aiming) transports, jeeps, and tanks.
Mechanical hand unscrambling a Rubik's Cube
AI & Society

Cube Controversy

OpenAI trained a five-fingered robotic hand to unscramble the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, bringing both acclaim and criticism. The AI research lab OpenAI trained a mechanical hand to balance, twist, and turn the cube.
Drone race
AI & Society

Autonomous Drones Ready to Race

Pilots in drone races fly souped-up quadcopters around an obstacle course at 120 miles per hour. But soon they may be out of a job, as race organizers try to spice things up with drones controlled by AI.
Map of Northamerica showing different indigenous languages by location
AI & Society

Power of Babel

More than 900 indigenous languages are spoken across the Americas, nearly half of all tongues in use worldwide. A website tracks the growing number of resources available for natural language processing researchers interested in studying, learning from, and saving these fading languages.
Tensorflow and Pytorch logos
AI & Society

Clash of the Frameworks

Most deep learning applications run on TensorFlow or PyTorch. A new analysis found that they have very different audiences. A researcher at Cornell University compared references to TensorFlow and PyTorch in public sources over the past year.
Alicem website home
AI & Society

Want Your Pension? Send a Selfie

The French government plans to roll out a national identification service based on face recognition. Critics warn that the new system violates citizens’ privacy.
Animation showing how players on the opposing team likely would move in response to human-drafted plays
AI & Society

Nothing but (Neural) Net

Basketball coaches sketch plays on a whiteboard to help players get the ball through the net. A new AI model predicts how opponents would respond to these tactics. A team of researchers in Taiwan trained a conditional generative adversarial network on data from National Basketball Association games.
Amazon Rekognition screen capture
AI & Society

Amazon Prepares for a Crackdown

Amazon is writing what it hopes will become U.S. law governing use of face recognition technology. At a press event, Jeff Bezos told that his company’s lawyers are drafting a statutory framework to guide what he views as an inevitable federal crackdown on face recognition.
AI tracking on pedestrians
AI & Society

Watching the Watchers

A growing number of nations use AI to track their citizens. A new report sheds light on who’s watching and how. “The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance” details which countries are buying surveillance gear, which companies are supplying it, and what technologies are most in-demand.
Simulated hide-and-seek environment
AI & Society

Ready or Not

Independent research lab OpenAI designed virtual agents to play hide-and-seek. They evolved increasingly clever strategies, eventually hacking the game world’s physics to gain advantage.
Arxiv logo
AI & Society

Are Those Results Reproducible?

As deep learning becomes more resource-intensive, labs with better funding tend to achieve better results. One consequence is that less wealthy organizations often can’t replicate state-of-the-art successes. Some observers are calling it a crisis.
Passport with multiple stamps
AI & Society

Easing Cross-Border Collaboration

Tighter national borders impede progress in AI. So industry leaders are calling for a different kind of immigration reform. The Partnership on AI published a report calling out the corrosive effect of restrictive immigration policies and suggesting alternatives.
Person playing a musical instrument
AI & Society

Generative Models Rock

AI’s creative potential is becoming established in the visual arts. Now musicians are tapping neural networks for funkier grooves, tastier licks, and novel subject matter.
Original vs Deepfake example
AI & Society

Facing Down Deepfakes

Deepfakes threaten to undermine law and order, perhaps democracy itself. A coalition of tech companies, nonprofits, and academics joined forces to counter potential adverse impacts.
Automated aircraft overflying a field
AI & Society

Can AI Wage War? Should It?

The U.S. military is developing a new generation of automated weaponry. Some people are calling for automated generals as well.

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