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Facebook vs Deepfakes

Facebook announced a ban on deepfake videos, on the heels of a crackdown on counterfeit profiles that used AI-generated faces. Facebook declared this week that it will remove deepfake videos it deems deliberately misleading.
Excerpt from 2019 Artificial Intelligence Index
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Tracking AI’s Global Growth

Which countries are ahead in AI? Many, in one way or another, and not always the ones you might expect. The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence published its 2019 Artificial Intelligence Index, detailing when, where, and how AI is on the rise.
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Natural Language Processing Models Get Literate: Top NLP Advances in 2019

Earlier language models powered by Word2Vec and GloVe embeddings yielded confused chatbots, grammar tools with middle-school reading comprehension, and not-half-bad translations. The latest generation is so good, some people consider it dangerous.
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Face Recognition Meets Resistance

An international wave of anti-surveillance sentiment pushed back against the proliferation of face recognition systems.
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Driverless Cars Stall

Makers of self-driving cars predicted a quick race to the finish line, but their vehicles are far from the homestretch. A few years ago, some car companies promised road-ready autonomous vehicles as early as 2017.
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Deepfakes Go Mainstream

Society awakened to the delight, threat, and sheer weirdness of realistic images and other media dreamed up by computers.
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Simulation Substitutes for Data

The future of machine learning may depend less on amassing ground-truth data than simulating the environment in which a model will operate. Deep learning works like magic with enough high-quality data. When examples are scarce, though, researchers are using simulation to fill the gap.
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A Smoldering Conflict Flares

A year-long Twitter feud breathed fresh life into a decades-old argument over AI’s direction. Gary Marcus, a standard bearer of logic-based AI, waged a tireless Twitter campaign to knock deep learning off its pedestal and promote other AI approaches.
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Competition or Cooperation?

Some politicians view international competition in AI as an arms race. That mindset could lead to escalating conflict, experts said.
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Deployment Gap

More and more companies are developing machine learning models for internal use. But many are still struggling to bridge the gap to practical deployments.
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Inside AI’s Muppet Empire: Why Are So Many NLP Models Named After Muppets?

As language models show increasing power, a parallel trend has received less notice: The vogue for naming models after characters in the children’s TV show Sesame Street.
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IP for AI

The number of patents issued for deep learning has doubled every year since 2013. Inventor, engineer, and lawyer Nick Brestoff tracks deep learning patents. He detailed his findings in a blog on InsideBigData and offers advice on how to get patent applications approved.
Excerpt from Ring commercial
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Neighborhood Watchers

Smart doorbell maker Ring has built its business by turning neighborhoods into surveillance networks. Now the company is drawing fire for using private data without informing customers and sharing data with police.
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Fighting Fakes

China announced a ban on fake news, targeting deepfakes in particular. The Cyberspace Administration of China issued new rules restricting online audio and video, especially content created using AI.
Eric Schmidt on C-Span2
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Transparency for Military AI

A U.S. federal judge ruled that the public must be able to see records from a government-chartered AI advisory group. The court decided that the National Security Commission on AI, which guides defense research into AI-powered warfighting technology, must respond to freedom-of-information requests.

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