AI-driven balloon reaching high altitude
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How to Drive a Balloon: How high-altitude balloons navigate using AI.

Helium balloons that beam internet service to hard-to-serve areas are using AI to navigate amid high-altitude winds. Loon, the Alphabet division that provides wireless internet via polyethylene blimps.
Animations depicting benchmarking, datasets and best practices
AI & Society

Prosperity of the Commons: Tools from MLCommons for improved model development

A new consortium of companies, schools, and research labs is building open tools for next-generation machine learning. MLCommons aims to foster innovation in machine learning by developing new benchmarks, datasets, and best practices.
Results of a survey related to trust, transparency and AI
AI & Society

Labor Pushes Back: British labor unions take on automation.

Labor unions aim to give workers more protection against the automated systems that increasingly rule the workplace. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) launched a task force to lobby for collective bargaining, increased transparency, and legal protections related to AI in the workplace.
Video showing a Google app helping to keep a runner with impaired vision on track
AI & Society

Seeing Eye AI: AI app for visually impaired runners

A computer vision system is helping to keep runners with impaired vision on track.What’s new: A prototype smartphone app developed by Google translates camera images into audio signals.
Fighter pilot in action
AI & Society

Phantom Menace: Fighter pilot trains against augmented reality jet.

A fighter pilot battled a true-to-life virtual enemy in midair. In the skies over southern California, an airman pitted his dogfighting skills against an AI-controlled opponent that was projected onto his augmented-reality visor.
Screen captures of AI Incident Database, a searchable collection of reports on the technology’s missteps
AI & Society

Cataloging AI Gone Wrong: The AI Incident Database tracks machine learning mistakes

A new database tracks failures of automated systems including machine learning models. The Partnership on AI, a nonprofit consortium of businesses and institutions, launched the AI Incident Database, a searchable collection of reports on the technology’s missteps.
Graphs with data related to AI use cases
AI & Society

Washington Wrestles with AI: U.S. federal agencies lag at AI uptake

The U.S. government’s effort to take advantage of AI has not lived up to its promise, according to a new report. Implementations of machine learning systems by federal agencies are “uneven at best, and problematic and perhaps dangerous at worst".
Screen capture of a Semantic Scholar search with TLDR summaries generated by AI
AI & Society

Very Short, Did Read: TLDR generates short summaries of scientific articles.

A new summarization model boils down AI research papers to a single sentence. TLDR from Allen Institute for AI creates at-a-glance summaries of scientific research papers. It’s up and running at Semantic Scholar, a research database, where searches now return its pithy precis.
Collage of self portraits
AI & Society

Unsupervised Prejudice: Image classification models learned bias from ImageNet.

Social biases are well documented in decisions made by supervised models trained on ImageNet’s labels. But they also crept into the output of unsupervised models pretrained on the same dataset.
Data related to AI patents in the U.S.
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Charting the AI Patent Explosion: AI patents doubled between 2012 and 2019.

A new study used AI to track the explosive growth of AI innovation. Researchers from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deployed natural language processing to track AI’s increasing presence in four decades of patent data.
Person choosing answers from a poll
AI & Society

AI Versus Voters: The companies using AI to predict elections

Major polling organizations took a drubbing in the press after they failed to predict the outcome in last week’s U.S. elections. At least one AI-powered model fared much better.
Security cameras with face recognition inside a building in Argentina
AI & Society

That Kid Looks Like a Criminal: Conarc face recognition contained children's personal info.

In Argentina, a municipal face recognition system could misidentify children as suspected lawbreakers. Authorities in Buenos Aires are scanning subway riders’ faces to find offenders in a database of suspects but the system mixes criminal records with personal information about minors.
Face recognition system identifying cops
AI & Society

Face Recognition Face-Off: How activists identify police with face recognition

Private citizens are using AI-driven surveillance to turn the tables on law enforcement. Activists are using face recognition to identify abusive cops, according to The New York Times.
AI medical chatbot having a conversation with a patient
AI & Society

GPT-3 Is No MD: GPT-3 lacks medical problem solving skills.

The world’s most sophisticated language model won’t replace your doctor anytime soon. Researchers at Nabla, an AI-enabled healthcare platform, found that GPT-3 lacks the logical reasoning skills to be a useful medical chatbot.
Example of disinformation detection system working on a news article about Syria
AI & Society

Propaganda Watch: How military contractors fight disinformation with AI

The U.S. military enlisted natural language processing to combat disinformation. Primer, a San Francisco startup, is developing a system for the Department of Defense that sifts through news, social media, research, and reports to spot propaganda campaigns.

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