Animation showing methaphorically AI taking over people
AI & Society

Is Ethical AI an Oxymoron?

Many people both outside and inside the tech industry believe that AI will serve mostly to boost profits and monitor people — without regard for negative consequences.
Series of universities entrances
AI & Society

Machine Learning for Human Learners

AI is guiding admissions, grading homework, and even teaching classes on college campuses.
Fire-spotting cameras alerting a fire engine
AI & Society

Where There’s Smoke, There’s AI

An automated early warning system is alerting firefighters to emerging blazes.
A self-riding bicycle
AI & Society

A Bicycle Built for Zero

Self-driving cars, get ready to share the road with self-riding bikes. Beijing-based machine learning researcher Zhihui Peng built a riderless bike that stays upright, navigates, and avoids collisions.
Covid-19 over a graph
AI & Society

AI Against Covid: Progress Report

A new report assessed how AI has helped address Covid-19 and where it has fallen short.
AI face recognition system for borderline patrol
AI & Society

Borderline AI

U.S. immigration officials expect over 2 million migrants to reach the country’s southern border by the end of the year. They’re counting on face recognition to streamline processing of those who seek asylum.
Charts and graphs showing relevant information regarding ethics in AI
AI & Society

Irresponsible AI

Few companies that use AI understand the ethical issues it raises. While many companies are ramping up investments in AI, few look for and correct social biases in their models, according to a report by the credit-scoring company Fico.
A group of drones flying over a field
AI & Society

Deadly Drones Act Alone

Autonomous weapons are often viewed as an alarming potential consequence of advances in AI — but they may already have been used in combat. Libyan forces unleashed armed drones capable of choosing their own targets against a breakaway rebel faction last year.
X-rays and charts about AI use in radiology
AI & Society

Radiologists Eye AI

AI lately has achieved dazzling success interpreting X-rays and other medical imagery in the lab. Now it’s catching on in the clinic. Roughly one-third of U.S. radiologists use AI in some form in their work.
PimEyes working with pictures of Andrew Ng
AI & Society

Face Recognition for the Masses

Face recognition tech tends to be marketed to government agencies, but PimEyes offers a web app that lets anyone scan the internet for photos of themself — or anyone they have a picture of. The company says it aims to help people control their online presence and fight identity theft.
Walking through a narrow hallway in a library
AI & Society

Bias By the Book

Researchers found serious flaws in an influential language dataset, highlighting the need for better documentation of data used in machine learning.
Libel-detection system from CaliberAI.
AI & Society

Double Check for Defamation: NLP System Scans Text for Libel

A libel-detection system could help news outlets and social media companies stay out of legal hot water. CaliberAI, an Irish startup, scans text for statements that could be considered defamatory, Wired reported.
Crossword solving during a major puzzle competition
AI & Society

Crosswords Go the Way of Go

A hybrid of deep learning and symbolic AI took the prize at a major puzzle competition. A system called Dr. Fill outscored nearly 1,300 human contestants at April’s annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.
Different models in production
AI & Society

ML in Production: Essential Papers

Deploying models for practical use is an industrial concern that generally goes unaddressed in research. As a result, publications on the subject tend to come from the major AI companies.
Craig Wiley speaking
AI & Society

MLOps for All

Craig Wiley has journeyed from the hand-deployed models of yore to the pinnacle of automated AI. Today, as chief product manager of Google Cloud’s AI services, he’s making advanced tools and processes available to anyone with a credit card.

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