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Resources on Machine-learning for Intraoperative data?  


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10/06/2020 1:24 am  

Hi all,

I'm currently searching for a good resource (book; online tutorial; opensource GitHub repository) that can help me with the data analysis and the development of machine-learning models for intraoperative data. While I have taken (most) of the courses of the specializations in Deep learning and AI for medicine on Coursera, none quite fulfil exactly what I am searching for.

My dataset consists of time-dependent features, recorded per minute (e.g. temperature, blood pressure) and non-time dependent features (e.g. weight of the patient, age). Additionally, there is the administration of certain drugs, which are given at several points during surgery in different dosages, while their effects diminish over time. The purpose of the model is to predict the effect of the drugs on the patient, at a particular time. For instance, during surgery, the model receives all of the input features, and should then predict the status of the patient at the current time t. 

Thus, my main problem is combining these different features (time and non-time dependent), and especially how I should represent the administration of drugs, and incorporate their decay over time. If anybody could refer me to a good book, or a machine-learning project that has performed something similar, this would definitely make my day.




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