R for data science

R for data science  


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18/02/2019 10:16 pm  

When it comes to data science, R is an increasingly popular programming language. In this field of data science, programming languages as well as machine learning is necessary. R is a very important part of data science. It is quite necessary that the freshers who have entered this field or those who are planning to enter this field have good knowledge regarding R for data science. One can get information and training in this field by taking good advice.

Raj Shivakoti
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28/03/2019 12:09 am  

Well i don't at all agree with your point because R is not gaining popularity at present but instead it is loosing the popularity. After the introduction of Pandas Library for Python , the popularity of R is decreased very dramatically. The most suitable and mostly used Programming language for Data Science is python which is expected to gain more popularity in the upcoming future. Because of its user friendly nature and varieties of libraries , it is gaining the popularity. apart from Python Java is also frequently used in Data Science but R is very less used in Data Science at the present. So if we have the dream to become a Data Scientist then we should learn Python instead of R.

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30/03/2019 12:45 pm  

I identify myself more as a statistician rather than a data scientist, thus my following opinion about python and R might be strongly biased. I use Python not because it is superior but because I have no choice. I hate every aspect of Python: the grammar is stupid, the GIL is stupid, and writing code without {} is driving me crazy. But I have no choice because modern deep learning packages are written in Python.

Now let's turn back to your question. R is never intended for "data science". It was designed by, written for, and used among statisticians. It is THE most popular and powerful tool for doing statistical analysis, thanks to tons of R packages written by the statistics community. But if you are a data scientist, chances are that you will never use or even hear of these tools. But remember that what really matters to us are those modules(in Python)/packages(in R). So my verdict is LEARN PYTHON, FORGET ABOUT R.

Mo Rebaie
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02/08/2019 2:09 pm  

Hello everybody, I appreciate your sharings.

I want to add an important note based on my previous experience!

I worked with Jaza while taking CS major in the university, and trust me that Java is not powerful for Data Science compared to R, indeed R is much better than Java in Ds.

I'm working with R and Python, and the advantage of R is that it's still leading in the Data Visualization tasks!

The most frequent and practical languages for DS nowadays are R and Python, but Python is easier to learn than R, so you will see most of the tutorials and blogs in ML are designed with Python which is flexible and easy and powerful.



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