Problem to create a...

[Solved] Problem to create a Deep Learning System.  


A Simple Beginner
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02/03/2019 11:27 am  

Hello, I make my deep learning system and I have all synaptics weight. But after, what I do ? Thanks for answers !

Soroush Hashemi Far
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13/03/2019 5:49 am  

Hey there

So deploy it. put it online or improvise it in your software to make people use it.


Mo Rebaie
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10/04/2019 7:38 am  

Hello, you can launch it on the web or deploy it to allow people use it.

After you launch your system, you will get more users, and this allows you to collect more user data, then you develop your system to get it better, and this is a continuous loop (as Sir Andrew mentions in week 3 of "AI for everyone" course).



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