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[Sticky] Make Your Own Meme (MYOM) Twitter Competition: Win a Google Coral Accelerator!  


Andrea Lim
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25/07/2019 11:40 am  

The final course of the TensorFlow Specialization is arriving July 31st! We love memes at, so to celebrate, we’re hosting a Make Your Own Meme (MYOM) competition! Post an original meme about deep learning or machine learning, and the top meme will win a Google Coral Accelerator.




Step 1: Post an original deep learning/machine learning meme on Twitter by Sunday, July 28, 11:59PM PT. 

Step 2: Tag us @deeplearningai_ and use #AIFun

Step 3: We’ll choose our top 3 favorites and open them up to a community vote on July 30, 11:00AM PT

Step 4: The meme with the most votes will win a Google Coral Accelerator! We’ll send the two runner-ups a prize as well! 



- Be original: Don’t repost someone else’s meme. Slightly changing the wording of an already existing meme doesn’t count either. You CAN reuse the same graphic with a different caption.

- No NSFW or offensive content: We respect everybody’s religious, political, ethnic, and gender identity backgrounds. If your meme discriminates in any way, we don’t want it, and it will not be considered in the competition. 

- Post on Twitter: Please submit and vote on Twitter.

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Mo Rebaie
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26/07/2019 2:33 am  

Hello @andrea, sounds interesting!

I will join the competition for sure!



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