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Looking for people to collaborate with on machine learning projects and seeking advice from career machine learning/data science engineers  


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16/04/2019 4:32 pm  


I recently completed the Deep Learning specialization from coursera. I am attempting to work on projects/competitions on Kaggle and it has been an uphill struggle. I live in the bay area and would love to find someone to collaborate with on Kaggle projects 🙂

Also, I would love some advice from those who are currently working as Data Scientists/Machine Learning engineers on how to fill the gap between what you learn on the course and what the industry expects.


Mo Rebaie
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17/04/2019 1:42 am  

Hello Varsha, I'm ready for any help, and I suggest to create a team on kaggle as members of, feel free to send your LinkedIn account to connect.


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18/05/2019 5:30 am  


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19/05/2019 11:09 pm  

Great one, I am ready to help you. Doing projects will help you to learn more interest topics in current innovations. Never give up.

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20/05/2019 1:07 am  

Hello, I live in bay area too, and looking forward for someone who can start on kaggle projects. We can do at a coffee shop. 

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