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Going deeper in coding DL  


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28/09/2018 8:36 pm  

Hi all,

first I am very happy to join this fantastic community of people sharing the same passion for AI. Thanks Adrew for permitting people from different origins to share and meet together, speaking the same language of Maths and algorithms.

Regarding my post, I am wondering how to go deeper in the coding we have all to produce in real time AI business.

For example, I am struggling right now to code my own Yolo implementation with Keras in Python without referring to the traditional Darknet implementation. The CNN itself is not so complex. But the Training data preparation and pipeline, as well as the output prediction pipeline are not so easy.

It seems to me that this example reflects the step existing between advanced practitioners of AI and people really fluent with the deep mechanisms of DL/ML coding. I really want to move across this gap.

So, I really need to know which can how training I can join? Which kind of groups or meetings I can attend?

If some other people are interested by such travel, please fell free to comment this post.

Best regards


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13/10/2018 1:11 am  

Just curious--are you in week 3 of course 4 of Andrew's Deep Learning specialization on Coursera?

If so, I'm in the same place and feeling a bit lazy--not really that lazy but I'm not zipping through this one really fast.  I tend to get a little sleepy and have to take a break.  Sometimes I find it helps just to view other videos so that you keep making progress but without all the brain strain.  Then go back and watch the videos for week 3 again to fill in the gaps of what you missed.  Perhaps watch them three times.  And then come back to the project again and see if the instructions make sense.  Or if the project is trying to get you to define a variable, then look around and see how it is used elsewhere in the program if it seems it is not defined well in the instructions and if it never was mentioned in the videos.

At least that's what I'm doing now, and I'm pretty confident I'll get it before long.  Sometimes I find I've been burning too much midnight oil and just have to slow down and have a little fun--take my wife and son out somewhere if we can find someone to care for my dad, etc.

Best wishes.  Hang in there!!!



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