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From the Sequence Models Course - Word level attention model for Seq2Seq - getting very poor results  


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08/10/2018 11:35 am  

Hi All,

I converted the character level model provided as the programming exercise for week 3 of the course "Sequence Models" into a word level model by changing the way data is fed to the model and I have successfully run the word level model in order to do a sequence to sequence mapping for a transcript of movie dialogs. I always find these two problems that I am not able to figure out and solve:

1) The accuracy I am able to get is very poor with many many repetitions of words where there should be none and (2) If I use a large corpus of movie dialogs then I get an Out of Memory error at the One hot encoding stage. Any help on figuring out ways around these will be very much welcome. A sample of input and output is provided below:

source: can we make this quick roxanne korrine and andrew barrett are having an incredibly horrendous public break up on the quad again

output: i you you you you you

source: the thing is cameron i am at the mercy of a particularly hideous breed of loser my sister i cannot date until she does

output: i you you source: Not the hacking and gagging and spitting part. Please output: i you you you you you


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22/10/2018 2:43 am  

Can you try sentence encoding, also reduce the dimension of your embedding vector. If you have a large corpus you can train your Embedding Vector as you go. 


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