Can python import the SPSS and SPSSAux libraries and use them to any value outside of the spss context?  


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04/01/2019 5:22 am  

I'm helping my wife try and navigate IBM SPSS and python. She knows SPSS, and I kinda know python -- We might be able to work together. As it stands, I understand that I can call small snippets of python from within an SPSS syntax. While this is useful for looping and conditional branching based on data, it seems a little fuzzy to me. It almost feels like Inversion of Control, but not really.

I was wondering is it possible to have a python script, external to an spss syntax, that can still use the SPSS libraries in any meaningful way, or do I have to keep my scripts confined to the SPSS syntax and runtime?

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10/01/2019 6:39 pm  

This library might help:

Also check out this tutorial:

If that turns out not helpful enough, this question seems better suited for Stack Overflow.

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