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Update to TensorFlow 2.0 ?  


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29/03/2019 1:37 am  

Hello team,

Are you planning to update the five courses to TensorFlow 2.0 ?

I am currently almost done with the machine learning course on Coursera, and I was going to continue with this deep learning five-course specialization, but now I am not so sure anymore.

Should I wait for you to update to TensorFlow 2.0 ?  Is this going to happen any time soon? Or ever?


Gabriel from Romania

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10/04/2019 4:48 pm  

Hello Gabriel, 

I highly recommend you to continue learning and take the Deep Learning Specialization immediately after accomplishing the Machine Learning course, do what I and other learners just did, there is no need to wait for an update!

Don't freeze learning waiting for updates, the most important thing in the specialization is to understand the algorithms and the whole concepts in the lectures, and implementing assignments is just to code what you have learned so far.

I realized that Tensorflow is the most powerful framework for Deep Learning, regardless that it would be updated again later, so once you understand how to work and code with Tensorflow and get familiar with, you will not face any problem with new updates.

Don't waste your time, an exciting journey is waiting for you!

I hope that you would take my advice into consideration 🙂

Feel free to check this link to Upgrade code to TensorFlow 2.0:


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18/04/2019 11:06 am  

All right, thanks for the advice. I think I'm starting after Easter.

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01/05/2019 9:58 pm  

I'd also like to add, I'm just about to start the CNN course and we've only used tensorflow once. It may not even be covered that much at all, and from my experience with tf is that there isn't a huge difference in how you use it. So you should be fine to just jump into the Deep Learning Specialization now.


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