Reservoir computing  


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03/10/2018 8:27 am  

I'm graduated student of this specialisation, and I work since 6 mount with time series data and forcasting objective. My recent work are mostly with LSTM and I get some realy interesting result.

I read an interesting paper about reservoir computing and the ability to modelize chaotic behavior. IM realy interresting by exploring this method and trying it. I found lot of paper, on this subject but not enough info to help me on coding this technique. Echo state network seem to be my first clue.

Some one know about reservoir computing and exemple code on python? I work with RNN on Keras and tensorflow as backend.

Thank you all for all kind of clues

Mo Rebaie
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14/05/2019 4:35 am  

Hello Johny,

I think that with transfer learning there is no need to start your project from scratch,

you can search for a specific project on Github,

and you can also search for available datasets on Google Dataset Search.


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