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Phishing site detection using CNN  


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30/01/2019 6:42 am  

Is this is a good idea to work on detecting phishing sites classifier using CNN approach?

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24/07/2019 2:49 am  

Successful phishing messages, usually represented as being from a well-known company, are difficult to distinguish from authentic messages: a phishing email can include corporate logos and other identifying graphics and data collected from the company being misrepresented. Malicious links within phishing messages are usually also designed to make it appear as though they go to the spoofed organization. To protect against spam mails, spam filters can be used. Generally, the filters assess the origin of the message, the software used to send the message, and the appearance of the message to determine if it’s spam. Occasionally, spam filters may even block emails from legitimate sources, so it isn’t always 100% accurate.


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