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30/09/2018 5:22 am  

I would like to start career in AI, what do I need to have in terms of both hardware and software needed, like if i go for a laptop (hardware) what is the best laptop specifications, and also which tools (software) should I install and learn.

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16/11/2018 8:19 am  

For Hardware, since you can use AWS Sagemaker or Google Cloud, it is probably best to use that rather than spending big bucks on a laptop. Basically, if you can't do it on your laptop, head to the cloud! That is most likely what you will do in the industry anyway, especially if you are training Deep Learning networks, google cloud is built with Tensor Processing Units to make TF run super efficiently.

Mo Rebaie
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14/05/2019 4:56 am  

Hello erigits,

you can choose the features and characteristics for your laptop by checking this page at the Microsoft website, and then it will give you suggestions for the suitable laptop for you (including many brands).

It's recomended to work on Google Colaboratory for building Deep Learning projects.



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