Avg loss decrease a...

Avg loss decrease and increase when training dataset  


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03/05/2019 4:47 am  

Hello ,

I have setting up a project that should detect iris region ( in eye ) in real time using deep learning , I have cloned yolo segmentation project in github : https://github.com/ArtyZe/yolo_segmentation

I compiled the project using make -j4 , and i'm trying now to training my own dataset using this project

System specifications



Ubuntu 19.04
Cuda 10.1
Nvidia Geforce 840m


My dataset is organized according to this :



 |-->C12...jpg #JPG image
 |-->C12...bmp #mask
 |-->test.list #containes images for test
 |-->train.list #containes images for train
 |-->obj.data #containes the path of train and test and backup
 |-->obj.names #containes the classes ( I have one class " iris " )

The command that i execute
./darknet segmenter train data/obj.data segment.cfg segment.backup

And I have the two files that you send segment12.backup and segment12.weights When i trained my own datasets I get illogical values of avg ,

Some times avg decrease and increase ( it should decrease ) and rate should be increase after number of iterations Some times i get negatives values for avg values and this is it illogical

How can i solve this issue ?




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