Join a AI Bootcamp’s AI Bootcamp is a two-day intensive training program for engineers seeking to expand their skills and work in artificial intelligence. You will learn the steps required to build an end-to-end machine learning project:

  • Structured and deep literature review of a specific field
  • Collecting, cleaning, labelling and augmenting your own dataset
  • Setting up an efficient and organized experimentation process
  • Deployment of an AI product
  • Structuring your machine learning project end-to-end
  • Training a model for a real-world application
  • Defining task-specific metrics to optimize in your experiments
  • Performing error analysis to improve your models

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?
Hands-on experience designing, building, and deploying end-to-end AI solutions through content and instructor-led workshops.

Everyone who successfully completes the bootcamp will be awarded a certificate of completion and join the AI Bootcamp Alumni community.

Who should apply for the Bootcamp?
Machine learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Full-Stack Engineers and enthusiasts who want to build their career in artificial intelligence.

The most successful candidates will have experience with the following:

  • Coding experience with Python, Java, or C++, at a level where you’re able to write a non-trivial program.
  • Successful completion of (i) Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning MOOC on Coursera and (ii)’s Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera, or demonstrated completion of Machine Learning related courses.
  • Demonstrated AI, data science and/or data analysis experience from previous internship, work experience, competitions, or publications.
  • Demonstrated software engineering experience from previous internships, work experience, coding competitions, or publications.
  • Solid CS foundation (including but not limited to Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database, etc.)
  • If you are currently a student, we will prioritize those who are close to their graduation.
When is the Bootcamp?

We accept applications and schedule bootcamps on a rolling basis. If selected, we will be in contact to determine which Bootcamp works best with your schedule.

Each AI Bootcamp is a two-day program; it is full-time and in-person. No remote option is available at this time.

Where is the Bootcamp?
The AI Bootcamp is based in Palo Alto, CA (but we strongly encourage people from outside the Bay Area to apply.)
What is the cost of the Bootcamp? will cover all costs, including airfare, accommodation, and meals for the entirety of the program. Anyone with U.S. work authorization may participate if selected.
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