AI Bootcamp


The bootcamp is currently on hold. We are running the AI Career Program continuously.

Please check out the below links for more information.

AI Career Program for University Graduates
AI Career Program for Experienced Engineers


The AI Bootcamp is a training program for experienced Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists seeking an immersive experience learning how to solve problems in application areas, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition. We will also help you frame and decide what’s your next career move and leverage our connections for you.


The AI Bootcamp is not a beginner program. It is a fast-paced educational program for those who have experience applying Machine Learning to real-world problems. In this Bootcamp, you will work on a Machine Learning project that is not necessarily in the field you are familiar with. You will get the chance to broaden your skillset and be exposed to new problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?
  1. The steps of an end-to-end machine learning project. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Conducting a structured and deep literature review of a specific field.
    • Strategizing your machine learning project end-to-end.
    • Collecting, cleaning, labeling, and augmenting your own dataset.
    • Training a model for a real-world application.
    • Setting-up an efficient and organized experimentation process.
    • Defining task-specific metrics to optimize in your experiments.
    • Performing error analysis to improve your models.
    • Deploying an AI product.
  2. Exposure to real-world problems that multiple AI teams in our community work on.
What can I expect?
  • Hands-on experience in designing, building, and deploying end-to-end AI solutions through curated content and instructor-led workshops.
  • Career mentorship and connections with teams aligned with your career aspirations.
  • Meet and share experiences with other machine learning engineers and data scientists.
  • Everyone who successfully completes the Bootcamp will be awarded a certificate of completion and join the AI Bootcamp Alumni community.
Who should apply for the Bootcamp?
  • Machine learning Engineers and Data Scientists who have already worked on Machine Learning projects and want to get exposed to different Machine Learning problems.
  • The most successful candidates will have experience with the following:
    • Demonstrated AI, data science and/or data analysis experience from previous work experience or publications.
    • Demonstrated strong coding from previous work experience or publications. This means you’re able to write a non-trivial program in Python, Java, or C++.
    • Solid CS foundation (including but not limited to Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database, etc.)
When is the Bootcamp?
  • We offer both two-day Bootcamps and one-day Bootcamps. The content you will learn is the same in both versions. The one-day Bootcamp will be very intensive and fast-paced. The Bootcamp is full-time and in-person. No remote option is available at this time.
  • The Bootcamp is currently on hold. We will keep the new dates updated on our website and LinkedIn.
Where is the Bootcamp?
  • The AI Bootcamp is based in Palo Alto, CA
  • Anyone with U.S. work authorization may participate if selected.
How much does the Bootcamp cost?
  • The program is free. will provide onsite meals and necessary facilities for the entirety of the program.

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