AI Career Program for Experienced Engineers

What is this program?

This program helps experienced Engineers transition into AI or advance their career in AI. You will connect with high-growth opportunities in our network of AI teams that best match your career interests and skill sets. Depending on your background and type of role you are interested in, three tracks are available:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Software Engineer

All tracks will give you privileged access to our network of high-quality AI teams in various international locations. These include applied engineering teams in Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Autonomous Driving, Energy, Transportation, Robotics, Social Media, FinTech, Agriculture and more.

Who should apply?

Experienced individuals who have worked for 1+ years in the industry or academia as a Machine learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer or Researcher. Generally, our experienced candidates have a technical expertise in a specific field. That means you’re probably familiar with some of the following:

  1. Machine learning. You should be able to understand and apply major machine learning methods, such as logistic regression, SVM, Decision Trees, Principal Component Analysis and K-means. Completion of Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course on Coursera is sufficient to meet this criterion.
  2. Deep learning. You should be able to understand and apply major deep learning methods, including neural network training, regularization, optimization methods (gradient descent, Adam), and be familiar with major neural network architecture types such as Convolutional Networks, RNN/LSTM. Completion of the specialization is sufficient to meet this criterion.
  3. Implementation. You should have prior experience taking a dataset, cleaning it if necessary, and applying a learning algorithm to it to get a result. You should be able to implement a learning algorithm “from scratch” using a framework such as NumPy, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe, etc.
  4. General coding. You should be able to code non-trivial functions in object-oriented programming, such as popular sorting or search algorithms.
  5. Mathematics (including probabilities and statistics.) You should be able to use mathematical notations and linear algebra (matrix/vector operations, dot products, etc.), and understand basic probability theory (distributions, independence, density functions, etc.) as well as statistics (mean, variance, median, quantiles, covariance, etc.)
  6. Software Engineering. You should know how to use your terminal, work with version control systems (Git), relational databases, APIs, and build the back-end of web or mobile applications.

This program runs continuously. You will benefit most from the program if you apply at the very beginning of your job search. If you choose to, you will be able to connect with companies in our network as early as 3 days after successfully being accepted in the career program.

The AI Career Program is now Sensei. Apply below to join this program and select your track(s).

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